What do we do?

Millar Media is a documentary production and media services company based in Los Angeles, California. We develop and produce original short- and feature-length documentaries. We also do contract filming, editing and photography, for consumer, entertainment, and commercial projects (e.g., real estate, marketing). Millar Media was founded in 2014 by Hailey Millar, a graduate of Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Our work has been showcased at a number of festivals including The Boston Short Film Festival, Awareness Film Festival and Lebu International Film Festival (Chile).


 Hailey Millar

Co-Founder, Director & Editor

how it all began...

My life took an unexpected turn one day in March 2014. I was in one of my favorite classes at Chapman University, The Holocaust in History & Film. My professor announced that a documentary filmmaker was coming to speak to the class about a film we watched the week before. I was excited by this news, as I was interested in hearing directly from this filmmaker. How could I know that this class would change my life? I don’t know whether it was the filmmaker’s eagerness or my desire to ask eight million questions about his work. I just knew that by the end of the 75–minute class, my professional dreams came into focus. Something was ignited. This was something that I could do, something I must do with my life. I was a photography major at the time, yet I called my parents right after class to tell them that I had to transfer to the film school as soon as possible! And here we are, four years later.

I’ve grown immensely as a filmmaker since that day in 2014. I have also grown as a human being. I’ve visited more 15 countries on four continents—and have filmed so many people and places: orphans in Cambodia, monks in Myanmar, soldiers in Beijing, and camel herders in Morocco. I walked along the Great Wall of China, touched the Taj Mahal, and jumped off the highest commercial bridge bungee in the world in South Africa. I even lived on a ship for four months. There so many rich stories that have yet to be told. The documentary world has broadened my horizons and brought out a compassionate side that I didn’t know was within me. I have been blessed with many opportunities and feel an obligation to document the stories that are all around us.

Documentary film is a medium like no other. It is so honest, so raw. Documentaries are about real people, real events, and real struggles, with no pre-determined script. Drawing on still and moving images, music, text, and spoken words, the documentary filmmaker can persuade, inform, and entertain. No other medium offers this emotional power. I have a growing hunger for igniting change. As a Millennial, I feel my generation has the power, more than ever, to use visual media and social platforms to rise up and make a difference in the world.

- co-founder, hailey millar